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Specialists in Standby, Rescue & Inspection Services

With over 50 years and 2 parent companies of history behind us, and where we came from, our team has grown into a group of strong Emergency Services and rescue industry specialists. We take pride in providing competitively priced services at a level and ability that is not seen elsewhere in Industry.

The following is a growing list of some of the services we provide:

Rope Rescue

State of-the-art rope rescue standby services including High angle, Wilderness, Industry and Rope Access.

Confined Space Rescue

Standby, including vessels, trenches, excavations, complex spaces, High Hazard IDLH areas and structures, Hydro production facilities and Refineries. Learn more about our confined space rescue service.

Tower/Crane Rescue

Standby and response capabilities, Transmission line towers, communications towers, Cranes etc.

Power Generating Wind Turbine

Specialist Rescue Teams with experience in the Wind Turbine Power Generation field, utilizing our specific training and equipment for these

Swiftwater/Standing water/Ice Rescue

Safety standby for persons working near rivers, moving water or frozen bodies of water. Discover our swift water, standing water, and ice rescue service.

Medical Standby and Response

With staff consisting of ALS Paramedics, RN’s as well as PCP, EMR and First Responder trained staff for any level of response or Medical Standby needed. We utilize dedicated Helicopter Medivac Support on Standby and the ability to coordinate medical evacuation from any type of terrain. Learn more about our medical standby service.

SRL Repair and Inspection

Carleton Rescue Equipment provides SRL Repair and Recertification. Under CSA Regulations, your Class A Self retracting lifelines must be recertified annually.

We can inspect and re-certify most models of Capital Safety, DBI/Sala and Protecta brand SRL’s, Winches and retrieval / rescue products. Our technician has over 20 years of experience and the repairs are completed at our Vancouver branch.

Give us a call or email Cliff for a quote. Rates and completion time may vary depending on the condition of the device.

PPE Inspection Services

According to multiple provincial regulations, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be inspected annually or semi-annually. These regulations are often stipulate that a Competent Person must do the inspection.

Carleton Rescue Equipment staff are certified by the Petzl Technical Institute and Capital Safety as Personal Protective Equipment Inspectors.

Avoid liability issues by having CRE Staff customize a PPE inspection program for you. We provide inhouse equipment inspection at our Vancouver Branch, or offsite on your worksite for your convenience (pricing may vary).

Our experts will take care of every step of the process for you.

  • Rates are per piece or by the hour. Discounts on new equipment where old equipment has failed
  • You will be provided with and inspection certificate and equipment tag
  • 3rd party, accredited equipment inspection can save you time and hassle
  • Yearly inspection programs

Please contact us for more information!

RFID Tagging

DMM iD revolutionises PPE safety management by integrating RFID technology into connectors. This gives them indelible serial numbers with no compromise in strength or ergonomics. Integrated RFID is also available in a range of DMM devices, harnesses, ropes, slings and helmets. Our retrofit Zip Ties, Helmet Stickers and 7mm Dots can be applied to any PPE from any manufacturer, letting you manage your entire stock with one RFID system. Discover more about our RFID tagging and smart PPE solution.

Additional Services

Paramedic, Nursing, Physicians
Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber Standby (divers, mining)
Rope Access
Ambulance Service
Mountain Rescue
Helicopter Rescue (class D & winch operations). In the province of British Columbia, helicopter medical evacuation direct launch comes with our Rope rescue and Paramedic standby services
International Medical Repatriation (Advance & basic flight Medical Teams)
Rope Access (example: welding)
Rescue Equipment sales
Personal Protection Equipment sales
Rope Access Equipment sales
Water Rescue Equipment sales
Rope Rescue training (all levels, Collage approved & IFSAC seal)
All Fire Service training programs (all disciplines and levels, Collage approved & IFSAC seal)
HAZMAT training (all levels, IFSAC seal)
Development of Indigenous Fire Rescue services
Training of Indigenous Fire Departments
Indigenous Partnerships, support, sponsorship and representation

Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue

Courses & Education

Visit our partner Mission Safety Services for more information and course guides.