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Ice Water, Standing Water & Swift Water Rescue Services

Saving Lives in Challenging Water Environments

Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue | Water Rescue Services

When every second counts, trust Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue for expert subject rescue solutions in challenging water environments.

Our experienced and highly-trained team specializes in ice water rescues, standing water rescue, and swift water rescue — providing you with prompt and reliable services across Canada.

Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue swift water rescue team performing a training operation in Canada waters.

What is Swift Water Rescue?

Swift water rescue is a specialized discipline that focuses on rescuing individuals in fast-moving water environments. Swiftwater rescue requires a unique set of skills and techniques to safely navigate and extract people from hazardous water conditions. Our swift water rescue team is extensively trained in these techniques — ensuring prompt and effective response.

What is Ice Water Rescue?

Ice water rescue involves saving individuals in distress amidst icy, sub-zero water conditions. Our specially trained teams are equipped with purpose-built gear to navigate freezing temperatures, water hazards, and treacherous ice formations — then safely retrieve those in need.

Our focus is on rapid rescue and immediate medical attention — mitigating risks for both rescuers and those trapped in ice water environments.

Water Rescue Systems and Techniques – Ensuring Safe Extractions

At Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue, our trained team utilizes specialized systems and techniques to complete safe extractions in complex swift water and ice water environments.

From pulleys & mechanical advantage systems to contact rescues, our expertise in swift water, ice water, and standing water rescue lets us navigate virtually any water hazard, determine the most appropriate rescue approach, and perform efficient rescues.

Carleton Rescue performing a contact rescue during a swift water training operation with many emergency responders on board.

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Training

At Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue, we deliver exceptional swift water rescue training programs that focus on practical knowledge and essential skills.

Covering topics like swiftwater safety, hazard assessment, rescue swimming, swiftwater rescue awareness, self-rescue, and companion rescue — our courses adhere to industry standards & best practices while enhancing your skills & preparedness.

Our comprehensive training equips participants with the ability to assess hazards, operate safely, and make informed decisions in shore-based, standing water, ice water, and swiftwater environments. 

Expert Instructors and Personalized Training

Our swift water rescue training course is conducted by professional instructors with extensive rescue experience in the field. With a low student to instructor ratio, we ensure personalized attention and effective learning.

Our comprehensive course material is designed to meet the needs of various skill levels — from basic safety training to advanced swiftwater techniques.

We also offer private courses tailored to your specific requirements — providing comprehensive training for rescue technicians, emergency responders, occupational workers, and other individuals operating in swift water, standing water, and ice water environments.

NFPA 1006 Compliance and Certification

We understand the importance of meeting the highest standards of professionalism and safety in swift water rescue operations. Our swift water rescue training follows NFPA 1006 standards, ensuring that participants receive industry-recognized certification upon completion.

With our comprehensive courses and adherence to industry standard guidelines, participants can be confident in their training and preparedness during water rescues.

Rescue Services & Training Courses by Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue Canada

In addition to our swift water rescue services and training, Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue offers a range of other specialized rescue training services.

Our expert training solutions include:

We also provide standby services for high-angle, wilderness, industry, and rope access situations. Our highly skilled teams are in good physical condition and are equipped to handle complex spaces like hydro production facilities, refineries, transmission line towers, and communication towers.

If your equipment is in need of inspection, you can count on us for PPE inspection services and SRL repair & inspection to ensure your compliance with CSA regulations.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and get a quote.

Your Ice Water & Swiftwater Rescue Experts in Canada

At Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading water rescue services, water & ice rescue products, and comprehensive training to ensure the safety of individuals operating in water environments — while adhering to all OHSA and WCB regulations.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, training programs, and how we can assist you in enhancing your swift water rescue capabilities.

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