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Rope Rescue & Rope Rescue Standby Services

Welcome to Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue — specialists in professional rope rescue services and rope rescue standby in Canada.

Our experienced team is well-equipped to perform a wide range of rope rescue operations — including high angle, tower, crane, wind turbine, and wilderness rescues.

With our expertise and commitment to safety, you can trust us to handle any rescue situation with precision, care, and adherence to all WCB & OHSA regulations.

A rope rescue person descending from a wind power turbine in Canada

What is Rope Rescue?

Rope rescue is a specialized rescue technique that accesses and extracts individuals who are trapped, injured, or unable to move safely in high-angle, elevated, or hard-to-reach locations. Rope rescue involves the use of harnesses, ropes, and related equipment to safely reach and evacuate individuals in need — while ensuring the safety of both rescuers and those being rescued. Our rope team employs various rope techniques, such as rappelling, ascending, and lowering systems.

Reliable Rope Rescue Standby Services by Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue

Our rope rescue standby services are available for a variety of sites and industries — including construction sites, towers, wind turbines, remote wilderness areas, and confined spaces.

No matter the location, our team is prepared to respond promptly to your rescue needs — or act as your trusted rope rescue standby service.

With our expertise and experience, we provide reliable support and maintain quick response times — giving you peace of mind in critical situations.

Tailored Rope Rescue & Standby Solutions

We understand that each rope rescue scenario is unique, so we offer tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of your work site or emergency situation.

Our team will collaborate with you to assess your project or site details, identify potential hazards, and design a comprehensive rope rescue & standby plan. Our goal is to ensure the safety of all personnel while addressing the specific challenges of your situation.

Advanced Rope Rescue & High Angle Rescue Team

Having undergone extensive training in rope rescue and high angle rescue operations, our rope rescue technicians hold the highest professional qualifications in the industry. With years of field experience, they have the technical skills, knowledge, and confidence that’s required for successful rescue missions.

Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue rope rescue team performing a rescue mission on a high industrial crane

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Techniques

Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue is equipped with state-of-the-art rope rescue equipment and utilizes advanced techniques to maximize your safety & efficiency.

We prioritize ongoing training & education to stay up-to-date with safety protocols, rope rescue gear, and techniques. We continuously invest in new equipment and inspect our gear to deliver flawless rescue services across Canada.

Our ongoing commitment to excellence ensures that we’re well prepared to handle any rope rescue, medical emergency, or confined space operation.

Contact us today to discuss your rope rescue standby needs.

Scarab tool. Check our online store for all your rope rescue gear needs.

If you’re a professional rescue team looking for state-of-the-art rope rescue gear and safety equipment in Canada like rope grabs, ascenders, pulleys, and carabiners, check out our online store page.

Collaborative Rope Rescue Operations

We believe in a collaborative approach to rope rescue operations. Our team works closely with your organization — integrating seamlessly into your project location to ensure the safety of all on-site personnel.

We value open communication and encourage active participation from all stakeholders to  foster a cooperative environment that promotes safety, responsibility, and successful outcomes.

Our Commitment to Professionalism and Safety

At Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue, professionalism and safety are our top priorities.

We adhere to strict safety standards and WCB/OHSA industry regulations to ensure both compliance and the well-being of all participants involved in rope rescue operations.

Rope Rescue Training Courses by Mission Safety

For individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their rope rescue skills or become a rope rescue technician, we offer scheduled training courses through our partner organization, Mission Safety.

Our experienced team of educators at Mission Safety are professionally experienced and trained to all Canadian Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications.

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including rope rescue awareness, rope rescue techniques, high angle rescue, tower rescue, equipment usage, mechanical advantage, safety protocols, and industry best practices. Course participants receive comprehensive instruction to ensure they are well-prepared to handle rope rescue situations safely and effectively.

We also provide training services in First Aid & CPR, Fit Testing, H2S Safety, OSSA Fall Protection, Fire Watch, Confined Space Entry/Monitor, Elevated Work Platform, and more.

Experience the Difference | Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue

Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue is your trusted partner for all your rope rescue, tower rescue, and wind turbine, and technical rescue needs.

Our experienced ropes team is ready to assist you and discuss how we can meet your specific rope rescue needs. Trust Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue for safe, reliable, and professional rope rescue solutions.

Ikamotsiipi Carleton Rescue

Courses & Education

Visit our partner Mission Safety Services for more information and course guides.