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Tractel 6' 100% tie off lanyard

4 to 6 ft. Stretchfor shock-absorbing lanyard with two arms, 3/4 in. snap at shock end & 2 1/4 in. DL snap hook at each arm

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The Two-arm Stretchfor Lanyard allows the worker to remain safely connected at all times (100% tie-off) while climbing or on the move. The Stretchfor shock-absorbing lanyard is composed of a shock-absorbing device combined to an extendible lanyard.

The total length of the lanyard stretches from 4 to 6 feet (1.4 to 1.8 m), providing mobility to the worker, without the clutter of a longer length lanyard. The purpose of the shock-absorbing device is to lower the shock loading on the body by dissipating kinetic energy and limiting deceleration forces during fall arrest.

The Stretchfor shock-absorbing lanyard is composed of a specially woven core material, elastic material, structural webbing and of a tubular sheath webbing. The core material reacts to a sudden stop by stretching. This action limits the impact forces to less than 900 Ibs. (4 kN) which is half the allowed forces by a standard rope or web lanyard. The structural webbing provides extra strength while the tubular sheath acts as wear and back up protection to the core webbing.

Each arm of the Stretchfor lanyard possesses a small high visibility strip that, if torn or broken, indicates that the lanyard has extended and must not be reused. When choosing an anchorage point, take into consideration the deceleration distance. The shock absorber can elongate up to 42 in. (1.1 m) as it extends during activation.

Made of polyester webbing, color Blue. Contracts to 4.5 ft expands to 6 ft, twin leg 100 % tie-off type, self locking snap hook at center, self locking forged steel scaffold hook (2 1/4″ gate opening) at leg ends.

Free fall distance must never be greater than 6 ft. (1.8 m). Consult local regulations as permitted free fall distance may be less than 6 ft.

Applicable standards.

CSA Z259.11-M92, ANSI Z359.1. ANSI A10.14. OSHA fall protection requirements.

One person Capacity 310 lbs (140 kg).

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