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Knotless Vertical Lifeline

Knotless Polysteel 5/8″ Three Strand Lifeline w/ Eyesplce and Thimble

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The ultimate lifeline for your protection and the standard in the industry.

  • 2 times stronger then regular Polypropylene rope
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Will not harden with age
  • Excellent resistance to Acid and Alkali solutions
  • Develops a feathered surface, protecting it against further abrasion
  • Absorbs no water, less elongation, and no loss of strength when wet
  • Manufactured from continuous filament yarns
  • Color green with one yellow tracer in each strand
  • Dimension 5/8″, Tensile strength – 10,640 Lbf

The Knotless Polysteel and meet CSA standard Z259.2-.5-12

  • Lifeline must be of synthetic fibre of wire rope.
  • Lifeline must have a breaking strength specified by the manufacturer of at least 27 kN (6067 lbs)
  • Lifeline must be free of knots of splices except at its termination.
  • Lifeline termination knot or splice must not reduce the strength of the lifeline to less than 22 kN (5000 lbs)
  • Lifeline must limit the free fall of a worker to 1.2 meters (4 feet)
  • Lifeline of synthetic rope to have no more than 22% elastic elongation @ 8kN (1798lbs)

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100 foot, 150 foot, 200 foot, 250 foot, 30 foot, 300 foot, 400 foot, 60 foot

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