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Austri Alpin Offset D S/G Steel Carabiner

screwgate karabiner in asymmetric D-form and catch free standardLock. state of the art


if you are an industrial climber, you need equipment to trust in, with an intuitive handling. our safety product range involves carabiners made of steel and stainless steel as well as aluminium and is CE certified and meets ppe (personal protective equipment) standards. thus we can guarantee reliability and optimal functionality in every day use and a long service life.

Weight : 248g
MBS: 40kN
Gate Opening: 25mm
Dimensions:11cm x 7cm



min. breaking load:


zinc plated




tested EN12275 EN362, marked only EN12275

SKU: TM11AK Category:


Probably the most popular carabiner ever sold! Classic Stubai Style D shape, steel screw gate carabiner. Perfect for most applications including rescue, industrial, caving, group use or setting anchors for climbing.

12 mm D-form” steel carabiner with claw lock and screw gate.

All Austri Aplin steel karabiners are made electrogalvanised with blue finish.

Weight : 235g
MBS: 35kN
Gate Opening: 24mm
Dimensions: 11.2cm x 6.9cm

tested EN12275 EN362, marked only EN12275

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