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3M EPS-300 Heat Shrink Tubing

Our choice for labeling ropes and shrink wrapping knots to keep them secure and dirt free.

Shrinks to a third of it’s original diameter – Sold by the foot.

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The EPS-300 range of heat shrink tubing offers adhesive-lined construction. The tubing is a flexible polyolefin which has a thin layer of special thermoplastic adhesive. The heat-shrinkable outer wall is selectively cross-linked while still being able to maintain the high flow and excellent adhesion of the inner sealant liner.

When the tubing is heated in temperatures above 121 °C the EPS-300 quickly shrinks to a skin-tight fit. Upon cooling, the adhesive solidifies forming a permanent, non-drying, flexible and water resistant barrier rated for operation from -55 to 110 °C. The tubing has a shrink ratio of 3:1.

Shrink ratio 2:1
Shrink temperature 121 °C and above
Operating temperature -55 to 110 °C

Typical applications:
Convenient protection of electronic components, wire splices and bundling of wires
Automotive, truck and marine wiring splice and connections protected in harsh environm

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1.5", 1/2", 2", 3/4"


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