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First Aid Kit Level II W/Ambulance Bag

For those serious about being prepared, running a large public event and businesses that have safety emergency staff, this kit provides you will all the equipment and first aid supplies you could need. Great for small offices, long road trips and many other events

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24-Antiseptic towelettes
150-Assorted bandaids
6-Gauze pads 4″x 4″ 2/pkg.
4-Pressure dressing 4″x 6″ elastic tails
12-Triangular bandage
6-Surgi pads 8″x 10″
2-Adhesive tape l”x Syrd.
2-Adhesive tape 2″x 5yrd.
3-Gauze dressing sterile 17″x 17″
6-Tensor bandage 3″
1-Saline solution 500ml.
1-Green soap 60ml.
1-Scissors universal all purpose
1-Kelly Forceps 5.5″
1-Pen lights disposable
1-Esmarch Bandage
6pr.-Latex gloves
1-Pocket Mask C/W one way valve
1-Airways oral size 0-6 in each kit
6-Patient assessment chart
1-Accident record book
1-Cold kompress instant, 1

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