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First Aid Kit Level I Soft Pack

If you have been trained in any general first aid course, you will need your own personal package to keep at home. This kit has everything you would need for any minor emergencies.


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1-Splinter forceps 4 1/2″
2-Cotton24-Antiseptic towelettes
30-Hand Cleaner
100-Assorted bandaids
6-Gauze pads 4″x 4″ 2/pkg.
4-Pressure dressing 4″x 6″ elastic tails
2-Tensor bandage 3″
1-Adhesive tape l”x 5yrd.
4-Surgi pads 8″x 10″
6-Triangular bandage
1-Bandage scissors 51/2″
tip applicators 6″ 6/pkg.
1-Pocket Mask C/W one way valve
6pr-Latex gloves
1-Accident record book
1-Cold kompress instant

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