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First Aid Kit Basic Soft Pack

This kit is perfect for a variety of applications. It has everything you could ever need in an emergency. Keep it in your house, cabin, or even give it as a gift to someone you to care about

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12-Antiseptic towelettes
30-Hand cleaners
50-Assorted band-aids
4-Gauze pads 4″x 4″
2-Pressure dressing 4″x 6″
elastic tails
2-Surgi pads 8″x 10″
4-Triangular bandage
1-Bandage scissors
1-Splinter forceps 41/2″
6-Cotton tip applicators 6″
1-Adhesive tape l” x 5yrd.
2-Tensor bandage 3″
6pr-Latex gloves,
1-Cold kompress instant
1-Pocket Mask W/case

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