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DMM ID Helmet Sticker

A PPE-Safe 3M adhesive sticker containing an RFID tag with a unique serial number.

iD product

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Designed for marking helmets but usable on any plastic products. iD Helmet Stickers are durable resin domes, best applied to the inside of helmets, where they can be reached with the iD Reader, but will be protected from abrasion and impacts. Best applied to smooth finish surfaces rather than textured surfaces.

Variant Cat No
iD Helmet Sticker – 10 Pack ID-STICKER10
iD Helmet Sticker – 50 Pack ID-STICKER50


  • UHF RFID tag
  • Reads on contact with DMM iD Reader
  • 30mm diameter
  • 3M adhesive approved for plastic helmets
  • Globally unique serial number
  • IP68 waterproof & dustproof
  • Best placed on the inside of helmets, on a smooth surface. Wipe clean & dry before applying sticker
  • Should not be applied in a place where the sticker covers manufacturer’s information

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