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6" Glow Sticks - 5 Min ULTRA

These bright industrial strength glow sticks are ideal for safety,emergency lighting, and personal safety markers.An amazing source of waterproof, non-sparking, non-heat producing glowing light, the 6″ 5 minute ultra safety glow stick is safe to use in any environment – even underwater.

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  • 6″ ultra bright glow sticks with 5 minute light duration
  • Safer than flares for emergency use
  • Individually packaged for longer shelf life

6″ Ultra Intensity Glow Sticks are just what you need if you’re looking for a bright hit of light during your emergency situation or military operation. These intense light sticks are specially formulated to glow as bright as they possibly can for a 5 minute glow duration.

The brightest, most intense and colorful glow stick on the market.If you want to draw immediate attention to anything the 5 minute ultra intensity 6″ glow stick is the light stick for you.To activate, just bend the 6″ 5 Minute light stick enough to break the inner capsule. Shake to mix and light up the intense glow reaction.

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